Acres - Lonely World (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)


Artist: Acres
Song: Lonely World
Album: 'Lonely World' (2019)
Hometown: South Coast, United Kingdom
Facebook: h

The debut album, Lonely World out worldwide 09.08.19
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Hello, how you been?
I guess now ignorance is your best friend.
I wondered when I would see you again.
I’ve been ok, Or maybe I’ve been feeling lost, and had no where to turn when I was afraid.
What was your reasons?
You say that sometimes I can get too much.
But sometimes i’ve been.

Living in a lonely world.
I watched all the colours as they start to burst.
For something thats so beautiful.
Can you imagine if we let it all just fall apart.

And I feel ashamed that I’m still healing.
I guess that maybe I should get some help.

Or maybe you should have been a better friend.
Thank you for leaving. I had some time to clear my head so I could push you out of it.
The things we do, to feel alive when we’ve got nothing to lose.
I sold my soul, under the pressure of the things you do.

And I take back all of the things I said before you were gone.
Like all the times you watched me burn when I was falling apart.
I hope you choke on your excuses and think about all of the things you’ve done that are wrong.


Recorded, mixed and mastered by
Simon Jackman at Outhouse Studios

Video produced by
TRE Film

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