Bring Me the Horizon- Throne (Studio Drum Cover)

in this new drum cover I have many things to discuss about.
To start I'd like to say that our second GoPro died few moments before recordings, so we used an Iphone 6 and one GoPro Hero 3+.
As a second, I had about two hours to learn the drum parts on this one, as I got the invitation to do this session pretty early.
We had many little difficulties with the lightning and the camera fps were troublemakers as well.
So a little info about this video to tell you I am truly sorry for the Video Quality...

Anyways, this drumcover was cool to play because I used my very recently bought Big Apple Ride Cymbal from Meinl (that I used as a crash).
I played with one single bass drum pedal and broke two sticks while learning this song!
Of course, when you only get about two hours of preparation, there are some mistakes, for example, I forgot the Sixteenth Hihats on the second verse part and the two BD/Snare and Floor hits at 1:06.
I also played over the fill- in parts as an own interpretation :) But it is more or less like the original drum parts!

Except for all of these things, I am absolutely happy that I have another Studio drum cover :)
And Bring Me The Horizon are pretty good, very catchy song !
I hope you guys enjoy this cover, if you did, please leave a comment below, like the video and subscribe!
Oh,by the way have a wonderful day!

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Nicolas Pirlet, don't hesitate to contact him if you need some job done.
Big thanks to him !

You can find him on Fb here:

Disclaimer: I do not own the song used in this video.
All belongs to Bring Me The Horizon (2015 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited)


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