Concealed Reality łłł O M P (feat. Chris Kuhn)


“O M P” by Concealed Reality



I’ve learned some things
That made me feel we’re not alone
I’ve seen something beyond this empty space
Like a new world opening to me

Until now I thought every one of us
Had his very own life in this place

A stable yet sometimes mistreated existence

(I had never realized how far choices could shape us)
And shape is the least I could say

I feel altered

I feel like I’ve just been a failed experiment
We grew up and were forced
To get involved by making choices

Every single binary option carved the gap
Between our innate similitudes

These are thousands versions of myself
Moulded of million possibilities
In this single record
These are so many versions of us

Scattered in unchartered seas
Farther than one would ever reckon

Created by our desires and enslaved by them
They wander in isolated galaxies

We live in parallel worlds

If these are so many other selves
Made out of something uncontrollable
Is it worth to care?

Our way to be is not unique
Look further than you’re shown
You will see
We are made out O M P


Music production by Cairn Tse-Lalonde:

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