Dance Gavin Dance - Midnight Crusade

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Used to be so judgmental
Now I respect the ones who dare to be sinful
I was searching for my pride
Now I know it's all fleeting
just glad to be alive

Brontosaurs fear of art
is torn apart by making
good mistakes and branching out
he switch it up like baking

the more i tried to sleep it off
the more i started i thinking
i wanna live in mushroom park
do unrestricted shrinking

You’re salty
Can’t fault you
I’m numb to the rhythm that guides you
Take all your confetti away

I know I know what’s killing me
Don’t need your love
Your sympathy
I know I know just what you’ll say

Don’t you try to rescue me

Made up magic turtle guy is feeling like he’s crap
He needs to spend some time alone to understand his path
Theres different types of waves and things your mind is tuning to
It takes in information and sorts it out for you

Won’t fight you
Not like you
I’m numb to the rhythm that guides you
But I’ll take your confetti away

Now you’re on a midnight crusade
Flexing your stats but you can’t touch me touch me touch me
Tell me how to think my own way
You can give it your best
But you won’t touch me touch me touch me

Im kissin a baby that lickin a boot
I live in a deli put meat on your tooth
My business is pregnant and flauntin off nude
Im smokin a chicken i took out the coupe

Show off addictions and make it sound fiction
You aren’t doing art if your dead in the park

If you feel like you died
Show em you have
Give up your life for the virtual clap

Shear off the weird and then watch em appear
Now you’re a spiritless fearless lil lyricist

Directed by: Samuel Halleen

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