Down To Insanity - Falsity (Official Lyric Video)

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Falsity by Down To Insanity :

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Artwork by Dorian Chapelle
Video by Sébastien Baquet
Produced by Down To Insanity & André Six
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by André Six at 6th Sense Sound



We are sick of your decadence
There are no values left in your head
We all want you dead,
Your poor souls have fled
Set up precedence
Time is above all
You all privilege your useless wealth over your wellness,
You disown your faith
You’re blinded by sins

We’re the shepherds of good word
You’re not safe in your herd
Prepare yourself to kneel
Before our absolute ideal

We insist to reveal
Falsity of your life
You deny your own eyes
Your end draws nigh

With our sacred rules
Your troubles will cease and fortune will smile upon you

An extreme violence to avoid any crime
Against our holy scripture, immortal in time
You got a life sentence to punish your vanity
You’ll be beheaded by the humble hand of the almighty

Faith, truth!

No more western plagues in our purebred
Cleansing our holy land of rotten faith
Heaven is now here,
Down under they stand in the flames of hell

Through destruction, our guidance prevails
You, misguided one won’t ever speak his name
Down To Insanity // Dorian Chapelle - Sébastien Baquet - Martin Weyssow - Julien Donnay - Lucas Mettens

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