Foo Fighters- The Pretender (Studio Drum Cover)

Brand New Cover!

This time we had the privilege to record this in a professional studio.
I enjoyed this experience, hopefully to do this again soon!
(You can probably see my facial expressions haha!)

As promised, I play a little different genre other than metal :)
A good sturdy ROCK - cover of the incredible Foo Fighters,
with the song "The Pretender" :)
Popular band, song and great drum lines!
Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did to play it!

A special thanks to my friend Nicolas Pirlet for our studio time :)
Nicolas did all the mixing, mastering and recorded the song.
Also, I thank him big time to put this video together, with only two of our three camera's working...( Lots of detailed work!)
We tried to put some better visual effects and lightning than the original video (which we had some issues with.)
Please be aware of that, don't be mean in comments about our image.
We're trying to do good videos as we can. The next, the one after, etc... Will only get better. (I think ;) )

So we have two angles: Front (CANON EOS 700D).
Side/rear (GoPro Hero 3 +).
Our foot- cam died, so too bad we couldn't arrange a more dynamic change of views. Apologises about that.

Of course my drum set gear is listed in my "About" on the channel :)
Hope you all have a fun time watching/listening.
And I'll see you soon, with some new footage!

Links: Nicolas P. FB page:

FF's Youtube channel:
+ VEVO channel:

Note: I do not own this song, all rights reserved to the owners.


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