Hurricane Bookings de retour

Hurricane Bookings a annoncé son retour dans le milieu de l'organisation de concerts en Belgique. Leur communiqué complet se trouve ci-dessous (en anglais).

Dear friends,

December 20, 2012, this page was born and marked the beginning of an awesome journey. May 4th, 2017, this journey came to an end. During these almost 5 years, we organized shows with some of our favorite bands included Veil Of Maya, Walls Of Jericho, For Today, First Blood but also discovered so many local acts. Always with the same passion, whatever the size of the show.

This passion never left us. We continued to support all these bands as fans the last few months. But we were missing something. Do shows. Help bands. Meet great musicians. Everything we have accomplished here will never be forgotten and we are proud of what we have done. But we came to the conclusion that we still have things to do, still have dreams to reach and that Hurricane Bookings will be forever in our hearts.

A lot of things are in the pipeline. You can expect some announcements coming soon but mostly early 2018. For now, we would especially like to thank people who have always believed in us, you know who you are. Until a few things are official, we wish you a Merry Christmas and already an Happy New Year. Enjoy your time with family, friends and all the people you love. Make peace, not fight.

Talk soon !

Pierre & Elisa