Jason Richardson - Fragments

Here is 'Fragments', featuring Lukas Magyar of Veil of Maya, Mark Holcomb of Periphery, & Luke Holland of The Word Alive, off of Jason Richardson's highly anticipated upcoming solo album, which will be released July 29, 2016. Pre-order the album here;

Video by Jeremy Tremp, Mark Holcomb's segment by Joey Creel
Audio by Taylor Larson

I had the privilege of doing drums for the entire album up at Taylor Larson's studio in January of 2016. We are all very excited to bring this album to your ears. Yes, I recorded the album with a splash cymbal, but didn't have one on my kit for the playthrough.

Pick up the TJL Drum Sample Pack we developed with Taylor Larson at Jason's online store here;

Jason's Merch Store;

Special thanks to Ernieball, Toontrack, DW Drums, Meinl Cymbals, Remo, Vater & 1964 Ears.

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