Of Mice & Men - Instincts

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Beware the serpents in the leaves,
& their deception,
An outstretched h&, Closed to a fist,
Becomes a weapon.

I see the damage they have done.
I see the battle’s just begun.
I know the answer lies inside,
I feel it when I close my eyes.

Through disaster & decay,
Survive to fight another day.
When there's no time for you to question,
Every single step you take,
Press on, & trust in your instincts.

Break down the barriers of fear,
& superstition.
Listen to your primal past,
& intuition.

You'll see the damage they have done
You'll see the war is never won,
You'll know the answer lies inside.
You'll feel it when you close your eyes.

Kill or be killed, (stand & fight)
sink or swim, (run & hide)
The answer lies within

Directed by: Ben Anderson

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