Resolve - Pendulum


Artist: Resolve
Song: Pendulum
Album: Single (2019)
Hometown: Lyon, France


I am not afraid of dying
I am just scared of not existing anymore
Forever trapped in my feelings
I keep looking back but the clock keeps ticking
How can I go forward constantly overthinking about overthinking?

All the things I’ll never do
All the choices I’ve made
It sounds fair but feels wrong
Please let me know where I belong

Just let me know where I belong

Just like the sea-front of the city
Is corroded by salt
I’m starting to feel like my body
Is corroded by my soul

And now the last wave retreats
A final ray of sunshine falls
But I can’t keep my eyes off the hourglass
My own little black hole

Cause it feels frozen in my head
I’m so tired to pretend
There is something about me
That I know I need to kill

The guilt of all these wasted years
With both feet stuck in the sand
The worst part in all of this
Is that I don’t know where to go next

This is my black and black vision
Once fear has killed the ambition
There is not much left to be saved
The poison has too far spread

Let me wander like the withered leaf
For once I’ll stray from the Purpose
Now that I’ve passed the point of no return
Maybe I’ll find where I belong

Just let me know where I belong


Produced by

Mixed and mastered by
Robin Mariat

Lyrics by
Anthony Diliberto and Robin Mariat

Video by
Aurélien Mariat

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