Stand Atlantic - Chemicals

Official music video for 'Chemicals' by Stand Atlantic off their EP, 'Sidewinder'.
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► Directed, Recorded & Edited by Brandon Lung
Additional Footage by Nick Neuenhaus

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The chemicals swirl inside of my head,
I never lost sight of what I wanted,
I just had a change of plan,
I hope you understand
Put yourself inside of my shoes
And fit the piece I’m forced to mould to,
It’d be such a waste,
So fuck your empty space

Tell me I’m wrong
Am I pressing on your thoughts again?
I’m already gone
So don’t get used to me saying I’m sorry
‘Cause I’m too busy feelin’ alright,
I don’t owe you anything

Why do you separate my skin?
I’m in amongst the doubt,
But at least I can say I gave my everything,
If you won’t even hear me out, then don’t ask why
(Don’t waste my time)

Tug on everything that I have,
Discomposure is my best friend,
Just when I’m wrapped so safe,
It forces things to change,
I’ll take pleasure over pressure,
Thicker skin in dirty weather,
Go and pick apart the things we do,
But it’ll never mend your broken bad mood

The chemicals swirl inside my head,
Through static nerves that don’t connect,
If this grey matter is all we get
I’ll do everything that I can
To make sure chemicals will react
And help myself to stay in tact,
If this grey matter is all we get
Then I don’t wanna waste it on your shallow breath.

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