Volumes - Vahle (Drum Cover HD)

Drum cover !!!

"VAHLE" is a song from the last album of Volumes.
This is one of my favourite Volumes songs to play!
I like the cosy way of playing and because it has fun and tricky double bass patterns, some well- placed accents and awesome fills!
So much fun with this one!

Note that I have played very little mistakes during this ONE- take drum cover...
I missed a snare at the end of the middle break,
but I think I covered that up pretty well with continuous tom fills.
This is our first proper, mic'ed drum cover and we tried to
not touch too much to our sound.
So basically we tried to keep it as natural as possible.
A huge thanks to my good friend Sebastien Kuhn for this totally new experience!
We surely have more stuff to show you very soon
and we both did our best for this first more 'professionalized' video shoot! So I'd appreciate a little thumbs up for this :) !
You can find all my gear description on my info page on Youtube channel.
I did use a few NEW things in this video:

-TAMA Speed Cobra double bass pedals.
-MEINL 22" BAR ride cymbal (Big Apple Ride).
-SHURE SE535 Ltd. Red InEars.
-New REMO drumheads :3 !
I hope you find this entertaining enough, pleased your ears/eyes
and hopefully you are curious enough for more covers of a wide variety of music genres, plus some other maybe educational videos!
So it would mean the world to me if you could SUBSCRIBE, get in touch with me for any questions or info that I would be happy to give you! :)
Music by Volumes, via Mediaskare. All Rights reserved!
I do not own the song used in this video.

Thanks for the support and for watching, let's keep in touch!
Have a wonderful day!

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